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Childbirth classes and Birth Doula Services

A Joyful Experience

The birth of a child is among the most precious and wonderful moments a couple can share.  I believe your pregnancy, labor and birth are also meant to be a joyful experience.  Whether you are interested in a birthing class, or would like to work with me as your doula, I’ll provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need not only during labor, but throughout your pregnancy and immediate postpartum as well.  It is my sincere desire to support and bring encouragement for a joyful birth experience.

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Support to prepare for your birth


Taught in person or virtually

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Doula Services

Continuous labor support

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Childbirth Preparation Classes

Support to prepare you for birth

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5 Week Series

(in person or virtual)


(in person or virtual)

WORK WITH YOUR BODY TECHNIQUES  (Comfort measures for labor and birth):

In this complete class series you will become knowledgeable in the following areas:​

  • Exercises that prepare you for the birth process

  • Informed decision-making regarding procedures and medication during labor and delivery

  • Creating a birth plan

  • The stages of labor

  • Avoidance of unnecessary pain in labor and birth

  • Relaxation techniques for any pain you do experience

  • Nursing and newborn care


Cost: $200 – Mom and a support person

In this class we will cover as much of the 5 week series as we can while focusing on the topics that the participants are most interested in learning.
Cost:  $150 – Mom and a support person

Tamara’s unique Work with Your Body techniques are an eclectic compilation of all kinds of comfort measures (physical and mental) for your upcoming labor and birth to allow you to build confidence in your preparation.  This 2-hour class is a great option for those who have taken an online childbirth class and want some hands on practice with a professional birth assistant or for those refreshing for second (or subsequent) birth.  
Cost:  $75 – Mom and support person

Doula Services

The process of birth is “labor” – work that should not be done alone.  The value of labor support in the form of a loving husband (or coach) and a doula is immeasurable.   First, the labor support of a husband or coach cannot be replaced by anyone else.  Second, the doula provides professional expertise by making suggestions that even a well-trained mother-coach team may not have previously learned or may not remember during labor. 


Tamara is a certified doula with DONA (Doulas of North America) and has been serving couples as a doula since 2000.   Her doula services are available to students of Childbirth: A Joyful Experience  (at a discounted rate) and are also available to those who do not attend these classes.

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Individualized Care:

During your pregnancy

Pregnancy Support

I am available to my doula clients by phone throughout their pregnancy and postpartum time.  I encourage my clients to use me as a resource for answering questions, discussing changes and symptoms of pregnancy, pre-labor, labor, breastfeeding, and newborn care.   Additionally, I typically do not have more than one client due in a 4 week period.   Although your favorite care provider may not be on call when your labor begins you can count on one familiar face during your labor and birth – mine. 


Prenatal Meetings

You and your husband (or support person) will have one or two prenatal meetings (1-2 hours each) with me.  At these meetings we will discuss your desires for your upcoming labor and birth and how we can best prepare you to meet your goals.   During these meetings we will talk about your hopes and your concerns, we will practice Work with Your Body Techniques (comfort measures), and "practice" contractions.  I am also trained in pelvic balancing techniques and the rebozo and will incorporate these in our birth preparation.   

Birthing Centre

Continuous Care

Support for your labor and birth

Physical support
I have many Work with Your Body Techniques (relaxation techniques, rhythmic breathing, positions, movements) that will help to avoid unnecessary pain and bring comfort to the normal pain experienced during labor.  Husbands (or coaches) that want to be hands-on can take the lead and I can offer guidance and suggestions when needed.  Additionally, I can help you obtain an extra pillow or a drink or other items that are available and may be of use to keep you comfortable.

Emotional support
 Labor is a life-changing event!  Your family is beginning or growing with the birth of this child.  As a doula, I am there to provide emotional support for this transitional time.  Feeling safe and secure is vital to labor progress, therefore, as emotions can surface during labor my goal is to help you and your husband (or coach) maneuver through this time with grace and peace.

Helping you Advocate
During labor, you may desire to have more information about what is happening or how things are progressing.  As your doula, I cannot speak for you, but I am happy to help you gain the information you need to make the best decisions for you. 

Mother's Kiss

Support beyond birth

Postpartum Support

As your doula, I will remain with you through any postpartum procedures that need to take place while allowing you the special first moments together.  I will help you with initial breastfeeding and help you obtain anything you need to settle in to your postpartum time.   Once you are comfortable and settled I will depart to allow you time to bond as a new family.  Finally, we will set up a postpartum visit so we can discuss the birth and so I can see your beautiful baby again!
I remain available by phone, text or email to my doula clients.  Having worked with over a hundred new families and a mother myself, I’m happy to answer questions that arise along the new parenting journey.

It would be my honor to serve and assist you as a member of your birth team.  It is my sincere desire to support and bring encouragement for a joyful birth experience.  The cost of my doula service is one set fee regardless of the length of your labor:  $1,100

Students of the 3 or 5 week series of classes receive a discount on doula services.

*Discounts are available for military and full-time ministry. 


If finances are a concern, please speak with me – payment plans are available to everyone.  I also am happy to consider barters!

I offer a free 30 minute consultation (by phone or in person) to discuss your upcoming birth.  No obligation.

About Me

Since 1993 I have been married to my wonderful husband, Bryan.  Together we have five children: Abigail, Rebekah, Bethany, Timothy and Phoebe.  We have personally experienced five joyful births (over a span of 15 years 1995 – 2010).  I LOVE birth and am passionate to help others have a joyful birth experience.  I have been serving couples in birth work since 2002 and am eager to share my wisdom and experience with others.  As a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and a certified birth doula (professional birth assistant) with DONA International, it is my sincere desire to support you to have a joyful birth experience.  Our family lives in Geneseo, NY and we are active in our church.  

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Certified Birth Doula

Since May 2003

Birth doula training with Passion for Birth.  My certification is with DONA International.  I have humbly served over 100 couples as a doula.  

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Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Since 2004

My search for which childbirth educator program ended when I saw Lamaze had the tag, "It's not your Ma's Lamaze".  My mother had been a Lamaze instructor in the 1970's!  My educator training is with Passion for Birth.  And I love teaching others how to have a joyful birth!


"This class was more in depth than what we had heard about typical hosptial classes...Tamara's class and her doula service is the reason I was able to have a natural and joyful birth"

Amy, School principal

"I feel so much better equipped than with our first birth (before we met Tamara).  Your course gave me confidence and calmness for the challenge ahead."

Paul, physical therapist

"Tamara is second to none when it comes to birth assistance and doula knowledge."

Marcy, math professor

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My Story

In 2002, after the birth of our third child, I had a friend ask me to help her prepare for her second baby’s birth.  This friend had a horrible birth experience for her first baby.  I tried to help this friend find a great preparation class to take.  We couldn’t find one in our area.  So she begged me to teach her what I knew about birth.  At that point, I had three children.  Our three births had not been easy but had been very joyful and wonderful experiences.   So, with great trepidation I dove in with all of me and read and researched and wrote a teaching manual!  I shared all that info with this friend and then attended her birth.  It was a phenomenal experience!  I was completely hooked!  So, I sought out training and spent the next two years learning and becoming certified as well as teaching and attending births along the way!  My doula certification came first and my Lamaze certification almost immediately afterwards.   Since then I have personally had two more babies myself, taught dozens of classes, and attended over 100 births as a doula!  I LOVE birth! 
I am passionate to support you to have a joyful birth experience!

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"The fruit of the womb is a reward."

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I would love to talk with you further about your upcoming birth and how I can assist you, support you and encourage you toward a joyful birth experience.  Please connect with me via the link below to schedule a free, no-obligation phone or in person meeting.

Geneseo NY United States 14454


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